Saturday, January 22, 2011


You like the new look of my blog? I give all props to my sweet sister Jen for creating this clean and cute look for me. I have been reading Jen's blog and looking at all her wonderful baking goodness. I just had to cash in my sister card and ask for a whoopie pie. I feel no shame about it. It was worth asking for.

Jen, thank you for being so generous! ;)


Erin said...

Haha! These pictures make me smile. :) Oh, and I confess I went to a flea market without you again. And I found some awesome stuff! We need a flea market date sometime soon!

Karen said...

Erin, I went flea market shopping without you! HA! I am so sad! I didn't want to bother you because it was last minute but I think we were probably out and about at the same time! Ha!!