Thursday, January 20, 2011


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I have been spending a lot of time examining my words. How my words matter. How I long to only speak words that make souls stronger. Even my own soul. The subject matter got me thinking a lot about my how my words have misguided me and even took me to deep places of sadness that could have been avoided. How the words I say to my own soul have affect others too. My words matter, even the words I say to myself.

Infertility can lead to insecurity. It's a feeling hard to ignore. As I have struggled with this I have often looked to the woman of the Bible who walked the same road. Hannah says it best.."I am a woman who is deeply troubled". 1 Samuel 1:15. Hannah's story hits home for me because of the passion she displays in her prayer. The Bible says she prayed out of her anguish and grief. I can relate.

I have wanted a child for so long and still do. I don't think I will ever stop. Besides a desire to be a mother I also have a desire to nurture my soul. A chance to stop feeding my soul lies and a chance to love my life right where I am. This world will always hand me something to be insecure about. Even if I have 5 children one day...there will always be something to make me want to hide. I don't want to hide anymore. This is my story and my ministry. You are not alone.

So stop and think...what words are you speaking to yourself? Are they words of life or death? I have spoken a lot of unkind words to my hurting soul and today I say goodbye to them. My pain and struggle don't define me, only Jesus. He will bring beauty again to my life and to yours.


Amanda said...

Amen Karen!! :) Thank you again for encouraging me to be a better person!
Praying for you!

Stacey said...

As always, Karen, I so appreciate your transparency and genuine heart for the Lord! I have also struggled with negative self-talk for years and feel the Lord convicting me about it. We are created in His image, who are we to speak negative things about His creation? He doesn't make mistakes. We should strive to be the women of God that He designed us to be and quit "hiding" (as you put it so well) because of our insecurities. Thank you for your blog!
Stacey Gunn