Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to Life

I have been back to work the last few days after an incredible break. I have been trying to incorporate all of my new loves and obsessions into my days, like working out more, reading more, finding stuff to restyle, and working on doing the 30 for 30 challenge. Let's just say that it has not been easy but I am challenging myself anyways. I have started the 30 for 30 challenge and you won't believe this but after I picked my clothes all my other clothes started to look more appealing. What's up with that? The challenge is already working because I am interested in my clothes again. As my sisters would say....SWEET!

I hope beauty is invading your life these days and that you are getting chances to show your gratitude. Not to sound cheezy here but kiss your family and cherish your time with them. Hug people, tell them how much they make your life better. Send that card, stop to listen, share your popcorn, and don't be a grump when the alarm sounds. It's going to get better people.

Love to you,


amymoran said...

Needed your words tonight....Still obsessing about the phone call today....Thanks love you

mandy said...

Clicked your 30 for 30 link and I'm IN! I really need that and I'm motivated to become more minimalistic this year instead of just caving to every 'want' that gets me. Starting w/ my closet. :)

Karen Campbell said...


Same here! Its been awesome!