Saturday, January 1, 2011

Make It Beautiful....

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful time last night celebrating the new year. We caught an early movie and dinner and spent the evening on the couch with ice cream!

About a month ago, my pastor was teaching a sermon on trials. Its been a while since I heard it but I am going to share the highlights from my perspective. He was talking about trials and how difficult they could be, but how we still have hope in Christ Jesus our Lord. How even though we are struggling, we need to reach out to God and call out to him. He said several other things and I might butcher the very sentence that changed everything for me but it went something like this...Reach out to God and ask HIM to make this life of yours beautiful. I think my heart did a flip inside and I think I checked out after that too because I couldn't get past that simple awesome truth.

Our miscarriage almost 5 years ago-Lord, please make it beautiful.

My brother-in-law passing away 4 years ago-Lord, please make it beautiful.

Watching my family hurt-Lord, please make it beautiful.

Our place of loss and infertility-Lord, please make it beautiful.

I could go on, and I know we all could. We all have areas in our lives that have seen devastation. It can be anything. Only you know your deepest sorrows. We see and feel the ashes and desperately long for beauty again.

So as this new year begins I pray we reach out and ask God for his restoration, for Him to come and do only what HE can.

Lord, please make this life beautiful!

Love to you,


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Anonymous said...

Karen You are such an encouragement. Thank you!