Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hillsong-Rhythms of Grace

I have this song stuck in my's so beautiful.

You should download it if you don't own it. :)

Verse 1
My life is a light for Your cause
My will laid aside for Your call
And reserved are the depths of my heart
Only for You
Verse 2
I'm caught in the rhythms of grace
They overcome all of my ways
Realigning each step everyday
To live for Your glory
Chorus 1
There's none beside You God
There's none beside You God
Verse 3
You're there in the dark of the night
While holding the sun and it's light
Through the triumph and trials alike
There's no-one beside You
Verse 4
Your voice called the stars by their name
'Cause You whispered them all to their place
To testify to Your wonder and praise
Both now and forever
Chorus 2
There's none beside You God
There's none beside You God
I love my life to shine Your light
'Cause there's none beside You God
No eye has seen
No ear has heard
The depths of Your love, Lord
No mind can fathom
The love You deserve
How great You are

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I can't see

I got ready in the dark yesterday. It wasn't on purpose. I didn't choose the dark, it just came. I had an appointment to attend and I had procrastinated and when I went to get ready our electricity went out. I told myself to go ahead and get ready despite the darkness. As I was getting ready I started to be a bit annoyed that I couldn't see. There was a point when I started laughing out loud because I thought getting ready in the dark was very appropriate for my life in this season.There is something that I am struggling with and I can't see what is in front of me. God literally has given me a moment by moment look. I try to shine my light a day ahead and I see nothing. It's dark. I try to shine my light into the next hour and I still only see my two feet in front of me. I can't see. Jesus is leading me and He has asked me to trust Him. That's a pretty simple concept but it's actually real to me now. I get out of bed and I literally say it out loud that I trust Him. Another hour goes by and I say it louder. This is where He has me. As you can imagine, I feel very uncomfortable. I desperately want a flashlight, I desperately want control, I desperately want to call this whole thing off and turn around yet he cups my face and says to TRUST HIM. God has told me not to trust what I see and that HE moves in the unseen. Would you pray with me? Would you pray that I do? We are praying for His favor, for His mercy, for His provision, for His strength, for His healing, for His wisdom, for His hand. And I can't get that sweet Third Day song out of my head when they sing, "Please take from me my life when I don't have the strength to give it away to you Jesus."