Sunday, January 23, 2011

Offering Thanks

I am joining this community above and giving thanks every Monday! I am so thankful for...

9. Dark Hot Chocolate

10. Painting on a Saturday in your PJ's

11. My spouse loving the dinner I made

12. Hugs

13. Praying with special women in my church

14. Sleepy quiet naps

15. Getting a new book in the mail on a snow day

16. That with God all things are possible....

Have a great Monday!


Annesta said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog today and reading your gratitude list. I join you in gratitude for dark hot chocolate and for praying with women in church.
Hoping you have a wonderful week.
~a said...

Mmm...dark hot chocolate. I'll have to give that a try!


Hannah Avery said...

Dark hot chocolate sounds so yummy!


Erin said...

Oh yes, dark hot chocolate. When I had it at your house during our White Christmas fest is the only time I've ever had it! So good!

Karen said...

Dear Karen,
Just had to comment. Found your blog from a comment over on Holley Gerth's blog. When I saw your name, I just smiled. My maiden name was Karen Campbell. It's a pleasure to meet another Karen Campbell.
Karen K.

Karen said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by!! So glad I can share the love of dark hot chocolate! :)

Mrs. Stam said...

naps are defiantly the best :-)