Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking Back

Bryan and I love looking at homes. We currently own a home but we never get tired of looking at new ones. We like to look at different neighborhoods and just be nosy. I am really not sure why... but we love it.

Tonight we found ourselves in an area we had been before. Sometimes we return to the same neighborhoods and rethink about living there. I wouldn't say we are looking to move but I guess we like to dream about it. We kept driving and we took a few turns and before I knew it we were by our old apartments were we lived several years ago. The memories came flooding back. I remember moving into that apartment over some strange circumstances. I was somewhat disappointed and confused when we made our move into that one bedroom apartment. But as I drove past there tonight I was surrounded by some pretty amazing memories. As we drove by I was twisting my neck to see if I could sneak a peak of our old front door.

I remember wanting to move from that apartment but tonight I found myself wanting it all back. Isn't that how life can be though? We often stand in the present longing for the past. I think its because sometimes we understand the past more than we understand the present or future. We know what happens in the past because we have been there, but we don't know the future.

If I could go back, I would tell my 23 year old self to enjoy every second and every twist and turn. I hope I can look back at myself someday in this moment and say the same thing.

*I hope to give this blog a makeover soon! Some new colors and pics to be added soon! Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Too Excited to Sleep

I lost sleep the other night thinking about this blog. I was dreaming of all the wonderful people I will meet through here! I know it will take time and a commitment on my part.

I went for a walk the other morning with my husband Bryan. It was around 6:30 am or so and the sky was beautiful. I love fall mornings...don't you? You could still see the moon in the sky....which is amazing, yet the dawn was breaking through. Out of the blue I said to my husband, "I love when the night turns into day and you don't even notice it coming". It really blows me away to watch the transition right before my eyes.

Later that day my husband reminded me that sometimes our life goes that way too. Sometimes you are in the dark for so long you can't imagine seeing the morning coming. But it comes.

I hope that encourages you friend. You might be in the dark right now because life can be so hard. But, the morning will come and take you by surprise. There is always hope because we have Jesus! Amen!? He will walk us through and we will be better for it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome Friend

Over the last year, I have felt the desire to begin a blog but always felt insecure about the idea. I love blogs and I read several blogs a day. I love a good story and I love to be inspired by others. My intention for this blog is to encourage my readers. I plan on sharing my life and also sharing my faith. This blog is just one small step towards a God sized dream of mine.

Just like you, I know what it feels like to wait on God for something big. I know what it feels like to wonder if the sadness in your heart is going to overtake you. I hope that by sharing my life that God will take this pain and be glorified. I hope to share more of my story with you as the months go by.

Thank you for stopping by!