Monday, March 21, 2011

Our God Is An Awesome God

11 years ago today I became a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I was 16, going on 17 and in my life I was deeply troubled. I somehow got asked to attend a Girls FCA Camp in Cuba, MO that spring and I went for fun but I came back with a new name and a new heart. Jesus radically changed my life that weekend and I was never the same.

I have been through some deep waters since that beautiful spring...but God remains my constant purpose and peace. As I celebrate my life in Christ today I am thankful that He continues to change me and that he doesn't leave me the way I am or could be.

During our last hour at the Girls FCA camp we got caught up in singing praise songs to Jesus. If you can picture this..we were in the middle of no where at this beautiful camp and about 40 girls were in a big circle in this open room with the sun coming in. We were holding hands and singing Our God is an Awesome God acapella. I think I can still hear their voices sometimes.

Love to you,

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Erin said...

So thankful for your salvation! You encourage me so much. :)