Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"What a wonderful opportunity to grow"

I had a college professor who was a faithful man of God. I was always in awe of his wisdom and his gift to reach other people. He made me fall in love with counseling. He was kind and generous with his words. Anytime I would express a concern or share a personal struggle he would come back with one line..."What a wonderful opportunity to grow." He looked at struggles and circumstances as fertile ground for personal growth. No setbacks.... only opportunities. The Lord brought that to my mind this week and I cherish the wisdom of it.

My husband planted flowers in front of our house last year. A sweet and thoughtful gift. I have been excited that the flowers returned again this year. They still have a while to reach their full potential, but the other day I came home and noticed this flower decided to bloom....all by its self.
It reminded me of my determination to grow, so I captured the moment with a pic. :)


mandy j said...

Love this post. What a beautiful story and picture!

Erin said...

So great! In band, whenever kids would compain, our saying was always "Shut up - it builds character." Not quite so beautifully phrased, but I like the concept. :)