Monday, March 7, 2011

Writing it Out

I have been writing in my gratitude journal about all the things I am seeing and learning. So I picked it up and started to read my writings from the last few weeks. Here are some of the reasons why I smiled looking back on what I recorded.

3. Kate's encouragement

4. Erin's thoughtfulness

13. Laughter with my co-workers

17. The beautiful display in the sky....when I was all alone driving.

21. Nora's smile and long hug

26. Laughing until mid-night over American Idol

30. Bryan's smile and joy in the morning

35. For a fluffy puppy

42. How Bryan sorts the purple and orange candy hearts in the jar

49. Getting a random Starbucks gift card

59. For Jen's hug

And the list goes on...

Love to you,

1 comment:

Erin said...

Love you so much! I am very thankful for your friendship. :)