Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh How HE Loves Us

God has really opened my eyes to see the way He loves us. My circumstances don't have to be exactly how I want them in order to see His love. Today, once again, I would like to count the ways He has filled my life with joy. I encourage you to count the ways..

1.  Seeing the joy on my students faces as they graduated

2. Finding a robin egg in my back case you didn't know...the egg is a beautiful blue color!

3. Driving home an old way and seeing beautiful water

4. Home grown strawberries

5. Praying about something and then God showing me how to cope through His Word.

6. My crazy Kindle case I got in the mail

 7. Watching the Cardinals with their number one fan!

8. For good trustworthy coworkers :)

9. For tea cups

10. For hope....

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