Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Week!

This week has been incredibly busy. We have had something going on every night this week. We loved all of our plans but yesterday afternoon and today I have been super tired because of it. I just got done planning out our weekly meals and cutting coupons. My laundry never got put up and my sink is full of dishes. These are times when I wish I could just take Mondays off. :) I am grateful though for all the fun things happening in life right now. God is at work and I am excited. I just know as a woman its hard to keep it all rolling sometimes....don't ya think? Sigh...I need some sleep right now.

I will end a week and start this new week with this strange thought I have been having. Bryan and I have lived in our house for over 4 years now. We take a lot of walks in our neighborhood and we walk the same path almost every time. It equals to be a mile or so and we usually walk in a big square. There are times when we venture off or take a different way..put for the most part its the same every time. There is part of the walk where there is no sidewalk. I have always felt kind of annoyed that the sidewalk ended and we had to walk through some grass and up a small hill to get back on to the connecting sidewalk. I always wondered why there was a big piece missing. I often thought in my head that maybe one day the pieces would be connected but it would be highly unlikely since no one probably cared. Well spring has come and our walks have increased and we are out and about and what do you know....the place where we once walked in the weeds and grass and up that small hill now has steps....and a sidewalk. :) There is no longer a missing piece but everything now connects and I am happy. I felt like God was telling me that HE is working out all the missing pieces in my life too. That HE is the builder and HE does care. He notices my climb and the places I have to walk through. HE sees that I long for everything to connect. He is faithful and one day I will turn a corner and see all the Great work He has been doing. Praise Him.

Have a great week!

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Love this Karen!