Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Still Here...

Time. I have needed more time lately. I can't seem to fit everything in lately . Even now as I type I can think of more things to do on my list. I have missed writing and keeping up on reading all the blogs I love.

We had a great Easter and I hope to post pictures and share more. I was so excited on the way up to St. Louis to see my family because God has been moving in my family a lot. I am grateful for the growth that is taking place.  We did encounter a storm on the way up to St. Louis that was pretty intense. I usually don't get scared in storms but I was holding my seat belt tight. 

The rain has been too much. I feel so bad for everyone who is experiencing flooding. We worked very quickly tonight trying to plant more of our garden. As we were finishing up it started to rain on us. I am so excited about our garden and as the rain fell I imagined the summer time and the sun shining. I know soon I will be picking my tomatoes!

Have a great week!

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