Thursday, February 24, 2011

And I Just Keep On Recording...

I am currently in the habit of recording the blessings in my life. Even the small ones. Like the other night Bryan and I were eating dinner and I looked out the window to find two birds sitting together in the tree just hanging out together and being birds. They were so cute and so alive. I ran to get my gratitude journal and record it while I ate another slice of pizza. I love how present God is! His Life is all around us.

Also, God has been answering some prayers I have prayed for my family for a long time. Deep, long prayers. I am giddy and can't stop but thank Him for not allowing me to give up on those prayers!

All this to whatever you are facing right now. God is here. He is listening and He is working. May your life Bring Him Glory in it all!

Love to you,

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Erin said...

Ok, I've written out about 5 different comments, then erased them. I don't know what my problem is! :) But I just wanted to say thanks for the reminder that God is always listening. I really needed to hear that.