Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 & 3

The 30 for 30 Remix was super challenging. I wore the same 30 items for 30 days. I mixed it up and wore different items. I really did it people! My co-worker Amy can verify! :) Kendi, the creator of the remix idea just started up her winter 30 for 30 remix. You should check it out.

The remix idea is life changing and it will make you love your clothes more. At the end of the remix you are allowed to buy something for yourself that you realized you needed for your closet. I am holding out on buying anything until all those cute spring items really hit the shelf, or until I feel in the mood to buy spring items.

On another note, my dog turned THREE! Zeke is a big overstuffed furry thing of love. He makes my days better.


amymoran said...

I will vouch for you! Good job girl! And I did not buy any clothes!!!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Zeke! Him and Max should have a party. :)

And good for you on the 30 for 30!