Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thinking of you!

Here is a fun pic of me and Steph from this weekend. I am trying to be funny if you can't tell!

On another note...I am just thinking of all of you who are having a rough week. I know a lot of my friends have been sick and I haven't felt the best myself. The weather is really starting to change and I am already thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't believe how the months fly by!

I have felt myself feeling anxious the last few days. Last night I went to bed very early. I tried to read my devotional and hear from God before I went to sleep. The topic was about Hope and my flesh wanted to stop reading it. But as I continued, my heart was set at peace about how God is so working in our lives. We are right in his plan and he knows exactly where we are. Even if we look around and feel confused about our surroundings he knows it all. He is so good that way. I am praying for our hearts that they would be filled with the Hope only God can give.

Love to you,


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