Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to Work

My Thanksgiving break was wonderful. I ate lots of turkey and mac & cheese. My waist line is feeling the pain from all the great food I ate. : ) I went shopping for hours and drank several peppermint mocha's from Starbucks! I got to visit with all of my family and spent quality time with my sisters. Family is good. I shopped at Crate & Barrel for the first time. Go ahead and gasp. Yep, I never went into the store until this weekend. My oh my...I loved every inch of the place. You might be bummed out to know that I only purchased some Holiday soap but it smells and looks wonderful. :)

My tree is up and we are in full Christmas mode around here. I am excited about Christmas and all the magic it can hold. I am even more excited about being finished with grad school in about 2 weeks. So wonderful!

Jen Campbell, my multi-talented sister-in-law took our pictures recently. She is fun and fabulous with her photo sessions. I loved all the pictures she took. I just wanted to leave you with one that makes me very happy. I love my red cow girl boots. I hope that you have a wonderful week.


amymoran said...

Adorable pic! You two are too cute. So glad you had a wonderful break. I missed you and I can't wait to belly laugh tomorrow although it will probably hurt!XOXOX Aim

Erin said...

I loved seeing your pictures on Jen's flickr account. You guys make me so happy!