Saturday, November 6, 2010


Yesterday evening and this morning I attended the Springhill Women's Conference. The conference was entitled: EXQUISITE. All the design work was done by Jen Campbell.

Can I just say that I had the most amazing time? I was not expecting to walk away so full and so blessed. My heart was overflowing with God's goodness and just his awesomeness! I literally had an ah ha moment while I was there.

Our guest speakers were two sisters Heather Gilion & Holly Snell, authors of Dancing On My Ashes. These two ladies are so authentic and so in love with Jesus. Please take time to read their book and even invite them to speak at your next gathering. I can't wait to hear from them again! Thank you Heather & Holly for saying YES to our God!

(Holly & Heather)

Are they not the cutest sisters? Not to mention some of the best dressers around! They speak the Word of God with boldness and with such a tender heart. I believe God is doing so much through them. Amen.

We had three different sessions at our conference. Every session was amazing. I am on the Women's Ministry team at Springhill and we had spent almost a whole year planning and praying for this conference. I didn't realize that God was going to speak so clearly. I am humbled by what he showed me.

I won't go into great detail about every session because I could fill up two blogs pages just of all the truth that was spoken. I felt broken Friday evening. Especially when Heather and Holly encouraged us to get alone with God in the sanctuary. We spread out and just prayed and heard from God. I loved that time but I could hardly keep my sobbing under control. I just felt like God literally came down and touched my cold cold heart. God revealed to me that I doubt him and that I have built up anger inside that needs to be repented of. We sang some sweet old songs like Purify My Heart and As the Deer. Oh was so good!

Saturday (today) we revealed a lot of lies that we have been believing about ourselves. We learned that God is into giving us new names! We tend to carry around old names or names that are not true about us. They mentioned several different names we could possibly carry around like...unworthy, forgotten, unloved etc. If we identified with any, we were suppose to hear the real truth spoken over us and to walk away with our new name. I identified with the name Forgotten. I wake up in the morning and wonder why God has forgotten to bless me with a child or why God has forgotten about my hurting sister or why this or why that. I have believed the lie that God is not into me and that he has overlooked me. This couldn't be further from the truth. My new name is actually listed above: Cherished. I was so moved by that word. God has wonderful plans for me and I am Cherished! Amen! I am praising God for his love! I am so thankful for his kindness!

Thanks for letting me share! Enjoy these pictures of the sweetest ladies around!

Thank you for reading! We had a great time!



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your heart karen! i too had a much needed awakening in my life at the conference. my heart has been cold as well and God really convicted me over a sin in my life. the women's ministry did an awesome job putting the conference together and i am so grateful for you ladies!

The Anderson Family said...

You have inspired me - thank you!