Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome Back!

Hello family & friends! I am back! I took a long break from the blogging world but this new weather has brought some energy to my soul! Sometimes it's just hard for me to write. If I don't feel it...then this blog stays blank. I felt like someone covered my mouth this summer because I was just speechless. I didn't know what to say or write. God has been prompting my heart to speak out more.

Bryan and I received some news on Treasure Island Beach, FL that really sent our hearts spinning. We found out in June that God had blessed us with a miracle. We found out we were expecting! It's been hard for me to write about. For one, we have been nervous and unsure of everything but very grateful. For two, my heart longs to serve and minister to women...and that is why I started this blog. To share our journey..and our journey for a long time was waiting for that special news. I will forever remember our journey and the passion I have to serve couples who are or will walk our journey. I still know of so many people longing to be parents. So my heart is still very tendered to that and I pray that it always will be.

Thank you for letting me share our news. We are humbled by it all and I don't take one day for granted. I am praying for you!

Love to you,

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Anonymous said...

Kar, we love you guys soooo much and can't wait for your little one to make his/her debut! I've been praying for you tons and look forward to seeing our friendship become even stronger as we have another new adventure to experience together....motherhood!