Saturday, September 17, 2011

7 Years of Growing

This weekend Bryan and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage. 7 years of learning and growing with each other. 7 years of ups and downs with complete surprises. 7 years of total faith. This weekend also marks another anniversary for us. This anniversary often goes unspoken between us. It will be 4 years of struggling with a monster called infertility. Although it seems much longer than that as 5 years ago we said goodbye to our baby that we will one day hold in heaven. Even now as we celebrate our expecting child in February, I still think of the sweet life I held in my womb for a short while years ago. Heaven is much sweeter to us now. 

7 years of marriage and plenty of it was spent with tears on our pillows, silent hand holding, and unscripted prayers. Many calls to each other to find relief from the pain and the sweet reassurance that we were in this together.

In the good and the bad we have found much more than living out our vows. We have found a deeper connection with our Savior and with each other. We learned how to love and surrender when nothing made sense. 

So as you can imagine this anniversary is extra sweet for two people who have walked an unplanned journey. A journey that was unplanned but not wasted. A journey that made us different but in a good way...the beauty from ashes kind of journey that only Jesus can bring.

So this weekend we celebrate for more reasons than one. But, we mostly celebrate God for changing us and Holding Us Together.

Love to you,

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Hannah Avery said...

Congratulations! What sweet words!Blessings to you all!