Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sleepless on my Sofa

"The extent of prayer in one’s life is a direct function of whether something else has been set up as more important than God." Ann Voskamp

I can't sleep. I struggled with insomnia in my teenage years and it seems to be returning for this season in my life. Tonight I decided not to fight it. So here I am...but tonight I have more problems then my lack of sleepiness, I have a heavy heart.

I was reading Ann Voskamp's blog above and you haven't checked her out before you will be hooked. She wrote an entire blog post about prayer and that quote above really made me stop. My summer seemed so full because I had all the time in the world to spend time with God and trust me I did take advantage of it. But, my work has returned which has been nice but I find myself spending all my energy on work and then I am exhausted for the day. Or I spend all my time cleaning and organizing and not stopping to worship. This is sin in my life and tonight God is calling me out on it.

So maybe its not just because I can't sleep but its because God is after my heart and He will even use 3:00 am to grab my attention. I accept his invitation. He is good and worthy of prayer and praise and I can't even begin to write everything He has shown me. I don't want to forget a thing.

Sleep well,

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