Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Never Knew....

I never knew exactly how my life would turn out. I had ideas of what I wanted my life to look like but sometimes it looked fuzzy. I didn't become a believer in Jesus Christ until I was 16 years old. I remember going through insomnia, and depression before I got saved. I remember holding my mom's hand in our living room trying to explain my deep longing for peace. Looking back, I can now see the spiritual battle that took place around me...the battle for my soul. During that time I felt alone, confused, and I didn't have any hope to feel myself again. Jesus came into my life like a warrior...changing my heart and my life. He became my King. I am so grateful God pursued me over and over. He was patient with me.

As I sat in church on Sunday morning I began to tear up because I never knew. I never knew the beauty He would make of the mess I was in. I never knew I would have an awesome husband, with awesome friends, and a life I would deeply love. I never knew the places He would take me, or the trials He would entrust to me.

I never amazing this relationship with God would be.

He is good and we can trust Him.

Love to you,


Anonymous said...

Kar, this makes me think of the song "Beautiful Things" by a group called Gungor. It just talks about how the Lord makes beautiful things out of dust and ashes. You should totally check this group out. I think they even have a video online for this song. I love you and am so glad that He has transformed your life into the beautiful woman that you are today.


Karen said...


Thanks for posting! You won't believe this but that song was played for our invitation on Sunday! It was my first time hearing it! Sooo cool that you mentioned it. I love you!