Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Night Smoothie

Usually on Sunday nights, if I haven't been to the store yet...I am looking all over for some healthy food but we are usually all out. So, I use all my slick tricks and create a smoothie from my own imagination. I just look for what I have left and put it altogether. Final product: Crazy delicious!

Sunday Night Smoothie

A cup or two of left over pineapple
One last cup of strawberry yogurt
One cup of coconut milk
A few shakes of wheat germ and flax seed mill
One frozen banana
One cup of frozen strawberries

Blend as desired

Side Note: Before you think about throwing out your old bananas at the end of the week, you should peel and freeze them. They make smoothies rich and creamy and you don't waste anything, which is a bonus!

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