Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I write to you as a new woman. A woman that is free from papers, assignments, projects, and spending endless hours in class. I don't get to officially walk until the spring because the college I attend only has spring graduation but I am very very happy. I think I even caught a glimpse of my old self the other night as I was singing loudly in the car to one of my favorite songs. I am thankful. My dear awesome friends gave me a fun graduation party. I love you friends! I couldn't do life without you.

As I enjoy this time of freedom again, I am filled with anticipation of what is to come. I had a few moments of panic when I realized that I don't have anything keeping me distracted anymore. So instead of fighting the change, I am changing other things as well.

I took one step and deleted my facebook account. I like facebook. It's fun and you can connect with so many people at once. I just found myself comparing my life with other people when I logged on. I want to appreciate my own life....just the way it is. We only get this one chance...and I want to make it count. So if I was your friend on fb, maybe I will catch you some other time. Maybe we can actually meet in person and talk face to face. I would like that. :)

Lord willing, I plan to read more and write more. I hope to invest time in my family and in my friends. I hope to experience God the way I know I should be. I am also hoping for some time of rest. Not the kind of rest where you don't get out of bed, but the kind that energizes you.

On another sister Patricia, Trisha, Pat, Trish, whatever I might call her in the moment, did come down this past weekend. Yes, we did laugh and cry and even managed to bake several Christmas cookies. I love that girl. We made some good memories and I was so sad to see her go.

Love to you,

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